Craig Morgan has released  “The Mask” as an ode to our frontline heroes and those struggling in this time of crisis and chaos. Craig debuted this brand-new song during his April 25th performance of the Grand Ole Opry broadcast, and previously provided it as a “Gratitune” – a consumer-generated music platform to celebrate and thank patients and healthcare workers of Vanderbilt University Medical Center during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Craig and his bandleader Mike Rogers penned “The Mask” well before the pandemic began, he felt compelled to release this song in hopes of touching anyone feeling uncertain in this unprecedented time. Whether the mask be literal or figurative, many can relate to wearing a “mask” in our society.

Cause when I get home and it’s late at night

No one’s around and I turn off the light

I cry and scream, and yell like a crazy man

I don’t have to pretend that I’m doing well

I can tell the world it can go to hell

It’s just me and God when I take off the mask


Fans can also stream God, Family, Country, Craig’s first album in nearly four years, which is out now.  The album has been continuing to receive praise from critics: 

People - "The importance of grasping the good things in life has not only become a priority in the country singer's day-to-day during these rather uncertain times, but also serves as the lyrical cornerstone of his new album." 

American Songwriter— “Having the ability to walk through times of suffering with the same vigor as walking through times of good has always allowed this accomplished singer/songwriter to fill albums such as God, Family, Country with songs that effortlessly hit on every single facet of life. This album, in particular, combines five new songs with remastered versions of past hits that continue to tug at Morgan’s heart.”

Forbes - "God, Family Country is Craig Morgan's first album in four years and worth the wait."

One Country - "Craig Morgan has done it again. The country veteran is wearing his heart on his sleeve with the release of his latest album God, Family, Country."