God, Family, Country by Craig Morgan

God, Family, Country


Release Date 9/27/22

Hunting down bad guys in the jungles of Panama, working with the CIA, rescuing children from prostitution rings—these aren’t scenes out of an action movie; they’re the real-life exploits of Country Music star Craig Morgan.

Even the most devoted fans don’t know all there is to know about the singer and dedicated family man. Now they can go directly to the source, as Craig tells all in his new memoir written with American Sniper co-author Jim DeFelice. God, Family, Country details the many facets of Craig's life. An on-stage appearance with his father’s band at age ten may have planted the seeds for life as a country star, but first he trained as a paratrooper in the army. With a range of combat experience and swift advancement through the ranks, he was on his way to the highest enlisted ranks in the army. Then came a momentous decision: he left the active military to pursue music.
With unwavering support from his wife and a pack of part-time jobs, Craig toughed out the lean years and achieved his first big success with the poignant ballad “Almost Home.” Other hits soon followed, from party songs like “Redneck Yacht Club” to the soul-rending “The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost.” Born from the anguish of his son Jerry’s passing, the song’s tribute has consoled and inspired millions across the world.
Duty to country has been a constant throughout his life and globe-spanning career. In 2006, as “That’s What I Love about Sunday” topped country radio charts, Craig was riding in a convoy of Humvees in Iraq. An avid outdoorsman, a former sheriff’s deputy who’s still a member of the auxiliary, and always a husband and father first, Craig Morgan will inspire you with his life lived by the deepest values: God, family, country.







Craig Morgan